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Infosys partners with SAP for Business Suite 7, Business Intelligence and BusinessObjects Portfolio

Infosys, a Global SAP Services Partner, has been working in collaboration with the SAP Products and Solution Organization on integration and acceptance testing as well as on defining, implementing and testing end-to-end business processes and BI solutions.

The list of end-to-end processes Infosys and SAP jointly worked on is given below. End-to-end processes provide a standard solution for a business scenario, cutting across different SAP applications, which may need to be customized to client-specific requirements. Blocks of these solutions can be reused or leveraged in real life scenarios without the need to design the solutions from scratch.

The SAP Practice has been collaborating with SAP on beta and ramp-up testing of certain modules, the names of which are listed. Our experience with the existing clients, their requirements and feedback, along with our expertise helps us add value to the testing stage of the product lifecycle.

End-to-End processes

Planning, Building and Commissioning Assets (PBCA)
SAP has identified PBCA as an end-to-end process for organizations to improve operational readiness, prioritize and assess portfolio of investment opportunities and risks to maximize returns. SAP has partnered with us to develop, test and launch an end-to-end scenario to address business requirements in planning, building, and commissioning assets process within organizations.

Optimized Asset Operations and Maintenance (OAOM)

SAP has identified OAOM as an end-to-end process targeted at asset-intensive industries with substantial spend in asset maintenance in general and utilities in specific. The solution showcases some of SAP's capability in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) that encompass SAP Plant Maintenance Cost and Budgeting (MCB), and procurement of services using Supplier Relationship Management software. This helps organizations deliver reliable equipment that translates into operational efficiency and sustained profitability. This helps an organization deliver highly reliable equipment with optimum performance, thereby assuring high availability, continual operation and sustained profitability. SAP is partnering with Infosys to develop, test and launch an end-to-end scenario that addresses these business requirements.

Continuous Product and Service Innovation (CPSI)

SAP has identified CPSI as an end-to-end process to lead the market over competition, manage costs and complexity, and exceed customer expectations. SAP is partnering with Infosys to develop, test and launch an end-to-end scenario that addresses these business requirements.


We are involved in extensive testing of the following SAP products and solutions:

  • SAP BW 7.3
  • SAP BusinessObjects Aurora
  • SAP CRM 7.0 EhP1
  • SAP SRM and SAP eSourcing
  • SAP SRM 7.0 EhP1
  • SAP SPM 3.0
  • SAP Traders and Schedulers Workbench
  • SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Service Repository

We are an active contributor on SAP Contributor Network and leading the list of contributing companies over the last two years (2009, 2010).

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