Value Proposition

Reduce non-discretionary spend and increase service agility

The Chief Information Officers find themselves playing a more critical role within their organizations than before. The IT department is now expected to do more than just be aligned with business strategies and goals. It is expected to be a catalyst, giving the business competitive edge. This can be achieved by making faster innovations through a seamless and flexible IT ecosystem. Strategic use of information by anticipating global business dynamics and trends through information agility and harvesting are required to make organizations more competitive.

IT budgets remain a challenge, so the mantra is to do ‘more with less’. This puts pressure for reduction in both discretionary and non-discretionary spending, without compromising on the service agility or increasing risk on business continuity. Infosys, leveraging its Global Delivery Model in SAP-related services, has helped IT organizations become a Respected Partner of the Business, play the role of a Business Enabler and an Innovation Driver. Our focus is on:

  • Reducing total fixed costs
  • Reducing total variable costs
  • Increasing proportion of variable costs to total costs
Reducing service agility

Some of the ways to achieve the above are:

  • Global process harmonization and standardization
  • Rationalization of IT infrastructure and applications
  • Deploying a Global Shared Application Support Organization

A quick win can be achieved through deployment of a global SAP shared support organization. Infosys, through its Modular Global Sourcing Framework, identifies applications/infrastructure that can be managed by leveraging the Global Delivery Model with minimal risk to business continuity, and transitioning them to an SLA and ‘Pay-per-use’ based model.

Our approach considers all federal and other legal/statutory regulations. Our service offerings include:

  • Service Support including incident, problem, change, release and configuration management
  • Service Delivery including capacity, service continuity, availability, service levels and security management
  • Application Management
Infosys SAP applications leverage the use of GDM.

We have delivered these services:

  • 24 x 7 x 365 through Infosys global hubs, ensuring high availability
  • Global multilingual SAP helpdesk (increasing first call resolutions, thereby increasing user satisfaction
  • Service-Level Agreement-based variable pricing models
  • Value Added Services for preventive and perfective maintenance
  • Training client personnel in specific SAP solutions
  • Quick and flexible ramp up and ramp downs based on business changes for small projects and enhancements

These services are based on a scalable model and can be customized as per the clients' requirements.

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