Finnish Postal Service reinvents itself with digital technologies


The Finnish Postal Service (Posti Group) wanted to pivot to digital operations after a steep fall in the traditional postal and letter business, and an increase in parcel volumes.

Forbes magazine reports how Posti undertook a business transformation by leveraging Infosys Living Labs, the innovation-as-a-service offering, and Infosys Cobalt, a suite of cloud services, solutions, and platforms.

Boosting productivity

Infosys replaced Posti's legacy systems with robotic process automation (RPA) to reduce repetitive manual tasks. It enabled employees to perform customer-centric functions. In addition, automation of the purchase invoice handling process reduced the workload of the accounts payable team.

Retaining employees

Posti’s delivery workforce dispatched door-to-door mail in extreme weather conditions, which challenged employee retention. Posti implemented the Infosys Enterprise Gamification Platform to reward employees and reduce attrition. Infosys developed Route Map, a mobile app, for delivery workers, to reward employees for performance.

Future-proofing micro-sorting service centers

Posti implemented the Infosys Listening Post-as-a-Service to assess startups for revamping sorting systems. The company shortlisted nine companies and four startups based on price, turnaround time, quality of service, technical qualifications, and market position.

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