Posten Norge Service Integration and Management

Discover how Posten Norge, Norway's historic postal service, transformed its IT service management using Infosys and GuideVision's expertise. Faced with the challenge of unifying multiple IT service vendors, Posten Norge sought to enhance its service integration and management (SIAM) model. GuideVision, known for its deep grasp of ServiceNow and Nordic business practices, proved the ideal partner.

The Infosys ServiceNow suite, integrated with "out-of-the-box" features, formed the core of this transformation. Notably, these features streamlined the IT service desk and introduced a user-friendly self-service portal, reducing inbound calls and emails significantly. The results were impressive: a 20% decrease in service desk workload, a 400% increase in agent chats, a 30% reduction in outbound calls, and a 42% drop in service desk emails.

Witness how this agile integration and transformation redefined IT service management in the postal industry.

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