‘Digitization future proofs global supply chains’

Adoption of new technologies and disruption of existing business models is the way forward, says Ambeshwar Nath, Infosys Senior Vice President - Consumer Goods, Retail and Logistics, EMEA. In an interview with Manufacturing Global Magazine, he explains how the supply chain industry has evolved, and how Infosys supports process innovation and digitization across the value chain.

Evolution of the supply chain

The pandemic is a wake-up call for the supply chain industry. As consumers go omnichannel, supply chains need to form collaborative supply chain networks across partners.

Key technology trends

Artificial intelligence will become mainstream, enabling near real-time insights and predictive capabilities. Another key trend: extreme automation with supply chain companies and their partners automating their networks. Edge computing and IoT adoption will become critical for digital manufacturing

Seismic shift

The supply chain industry has to fast-track its technology transformation road map from a five-year plan to 18-24 months. Leveraging advanced technologies will enhance agility and responsiveness.

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