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Digital customer engagement

Your retail store can cultivate loyal customers by adopting customer-oriented merchandising and marketing solutions. Customer-oriented processes enable you to distill insights from real-time data and provide a personalized experience. However, cross-channel visibility is a prerequisite for one-on-one customer relationships.

The Infosys Retail practice offers digital transformation services for customer-oriented retailing. Our digital customer engagement solutions deliver a personalized, omni-channel experience. You can maximize the lifetime value of customers by engaging and influencing customers at the moment of purchase.

We establish a customer data integration (CDI) strategy as part of our enterprise information management (EIM) programs. We will capture data from diverse sources and provide you with a 360-degree customer view. Our centralized customer database incorporates demographic and psychographic data, preferences, in-store and online shopping behavior, customer service records, and transaction history including returns, exchanges and promotional sales.


  • Reconcile customer data from diverse channels for a unified customer view
  • Improve targeting through contextual promotions / offers
  • Identify most valuable and profitable customers and segments
  • Drive conversion by influencing customers in the purchase journey

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