Travel Lounge Talk Series

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Let’s face it. 2020 was a challenging year. The pandemic heavily impacted travel and hospitality. Coming years now show an even better forecast than before and the deficit is met. Now that the sky is clearer, take that flight. Innovate.

Infosys introduces the Travel Lounge Series, a series of videos where experts speak about the latest technologies which help them digitally transform their business and adapt to the new normal.

With personalized services for passengers, better travel engagement and collaboration with partners for essential services, the Travel & Hospitality industry is set to take off to new heights.

Explore. Accelerate. Reimagine millennial travel.

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Kumar Paramasivam, VP & Portfolio Head, T&H Infosys Americas

Twelfth Edition

In the twelfth edition of the “Travel Lounge” talk series, tune in to an interesting conversation with Fluido leaders – Maurus Puttonen - Travel & Hospitality Industry Expert & Andrew Hainsworth – Service Cloud Practice Lead, where they discuss about importance of customer service and customer experience in the airline industry. They also touched upon technology like AI and how AI is impacting the travel and hospitality industry.

Fluido is a leading Salesforce consultancy - Infosys company.

Eleventh Edition

In the eleventh edition of the “Travel Lounge” talk series, tune in to an interesting conversation with Kumar Paramasivam - VP & Global Head, Travel & Hospitality featuring Timothy O’Neil Dunne - an Aviation Expert & Principal at T2Impact LLC, on trends & technologies of Airline industry. Timothy highlights stories of leading airlines and how technologies like AI, NDC, sustainable aviation fuel, customer experience is playing a role in the growth & future of aviation.

Tenth Edition

In the tenth edition of the “Travel Lounge” talk series, view this engaging discussion between Mohan Krishnaraj, Chief Experience Officer, WongDoody and Nithya Kappini, Sr Director, Design Strategy & Growth, WongDoody, as they provide a comprehensive exploration of the key factors influencing the future of travel experiences and the pivotal role design plays in shaping this dynamic landscape. This discussion throws light on experience design applicable in areas like personalization, privacy, sustainability, AI-first approach, enhanced passenger experiences and immersive experiences like Metaverse.

Ninth Edition

In the ninth edition of the “Travel Lounge” talk series, watch this interesting conversation between Jeff Kavanaugh, VP – Infosys Knowledge Institute & Samik Ghatak, AVP – Client Services, Infosys, on how technology has ushered a new era for travel and hospitality industry by simplified booking processes, streamlining airport processes, cloud transformation and AI- driven travel assistance. Jeff further adds about practical sustainability by adoption of cleaner fuels and reduce emissions travel journey, enhancing the industry’s sustainability while improving the passenger experience.

Eighth Edition

In the eighth edition of the “Travel Lounge” talk series, listen to this interesting conversation between Infosys Industry leaders, Arunkumar Ranganathan and Vijaykumar Warrier where they speak about challenges around ULDs like lack of visibility and under-utilization. In continuation, Prasanna S, Consultant, shows a glimpse of Global ULD Tracer platform, an Infosys cloud solution built to simply airport operations that aggregates accurate, real-time ULD data.

Seventh Edition

In the seventh edition of the “Travel Lounge” talk series, Infosys EVP and CTO, Rafee Tarafdar, talks about adoption of emerging technologies in this fast-paced market. In this video, learn how Infosys have leveraged advanced and emerging technologies to build a plug-and-play cloud-based platform called Infosys Watch Tower aka Industrial Asset Monitoring Platform, for aviation enterprises. Infosys Principal Product Architect, Allahbaksh, shows a glimpse of this dynamic platform on how artificial intelligence, computer vision, IoT sensors and image analytics process real-time data feeds to improve surveillance, identify threats, and support data-driven decisions to mitigate security risks.

Sixth Edition

In the sixth edition of the ‘Travel Lounge’ talk series, we explore how should hoteliers look at technology. Revenue management is a key driver for top and bottom line and technology exists to drive better RM. RM job can be rewarding and yet expensive for a hotel to afford. Grab a cup of coffee and join us for a brief conversation with some very specific, targeted questions designed to shed light on these topics. In this video, Samik Ghatak – AVP, Travel and Hospitality, Infosys who poses tough questions to Ira Vouk, Hospitality Technology Consultant, Pricing and Revenue Management Professional, Published Author.

Fifth Edition

In our fifth edition of the ‘Travel Lounge’ talk series, we explore automation, simplification, and a bit of AI/ML – and even dare to ask if technology will replace humans. Grab a cup of coffee and join us for a brief conversation with some very specific, targeted questions designed to shed light on these topics. In this video, Matthew Kolodny – Practice Lead, the Americas (Travel & Hospitality) poses tough questions to Dr. Ricardo Pilon, a highly visible industry figure focused on designing modern business models and travel technology.”

Fourth Edition

Aviation is one of the largest contributors to climate change issue with over 1 billion metric tons, or 2-3%, of global CO2 emissions annually. In the fourth edition of the ‘Travel Lounge’ talk series Mitrankur Majumdar – SVP & Regional Head, Services Americas in conversation with Doug Lansky – Travel Journalist, Author and Consultant throws light on sustainability in travel in the current world conditions and need of the hour initiatives. Infosys recently became a signatory to the World Economic Forum’s CST coalition. We are working on energy and sustainability in several areas, enabling us to bring this experience and expertise to the CST initiative.

Third Edition

Two years have passed by with lot of uncertainty and restrictions, recovery of full travel is getting extended due to the new variants. Vijayakumar Unnikrishna Warrier- Industry Principal & Practice Head (Travel, Hospitality & Services) talks about how the industry now is revisiting its strategy. He throws light on sustainability in travel in the current world conditions.

Second Edition

Pankaj Negi, Principal Consultant, iCETS talks about Infosys personalized smart video platform that uses latest technology to deliver a fully personalized video message and help significantly transform customer experience.