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Raising the DEI Quotient

In a marketplace where customers and employees span the globe, the importance of diversity and inclusion cannot be understated. We bring to you DEIverse Talks - an exclusive talk series that brings forward powerful stories on fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion straight from leaders who are not just inspiring and experts in their fields but are also setting an example to the next generation with wholesome leadership Meaningful conversations on breaking down barriers and making workplace culture not only more inclusive and equitable but also more productive, innovative, and socially responsible.

DEIverse Talks with

Watch this exclusive interview featuring Jessica Manning - Director, Enterprise Change,, moderated by Aruna Newton - VP and Head, Diversity & Inclusion, Infosys sharing their expert views on this topic.

DEIverse Talks with Sabre

Watch this exclusive interview featuring Corrie DeCamp – SVP, Sabre, Tracy Goyne – Director Equity and Inclusion, Sabre, well moderated by Farah Burke, VP and Sr Client Partner, WongDoody, sharing their expert views on this topic.

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