Approaches for Cost-effective and Accelerated Fiber Rollout

Since the last decade, home and business users have clamored for uninterrupted connectivity. While the rise of media streaming platforms, end user devices, and online gaming platforms are driving demand at home, multi-channel collaboration platforms, IoT, cloud and as-service models are the major triggers for enterprises. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced another dimension by forcing several in-person activities to be remote – for example, education, health consultation, business collaboration and infrastructure operations. Collectively these further amplified the need for better connectivity and accelerated the fiber (FTTx) rollout.

From the network technology convergence perspective, Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and converged access for 5G are also propelling the fiber rollout. These positive trends are validated by market predictions as well. A new market study published by Global Industry Analysts Inc. (GIA) forecasts that the global FTTx market will hit 22.4 BUSD by 2026. While the demand is skyrocketing, global telcos and cable providers are battling two key problems: reducing cost and increasing rollout speed.

The whitepaper discusses the various cost and efficiency elements in a fiber rollout and Infosys’ unique approach towards addressing the key challenges.

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