The demand for reliable high-speed Access & backhaul network has exponentially increased with the adoption of various cloud-based services, growth of OTT platforms, AR/VR led gaming, IOT & smart cities and 5G. Telecom providers rolling out Access services or augmenting Backhaul capacity often encounter challenges with higher CAPEX, low automatization, complex operational process, heterogenous IT systems and elevated end user expectation.

Infosys offers Network Planning, Design, Construction support and Commissioning services to fulfil the demanding network transformation needs in a rapid, efficient and in an Extreme-Agile manner. We help global telcos rationalize the capex intensity by leveraging Planning Life Cycle Automations, Process Re-engineering, Zero-touch commissioning, and other value-added services, to ensure Right-First Serviceability, improved predictability, and reduced truck rolls.

Content Acquisition and ingestion


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Desktop Planning
  • Backhaul capacity Planning
Content Enrichment


  • Create High level & low-level designs
  • Field Survey Support
  • Costing Analysis , BOM and outcomes
Workflow and Editorial Systems

& QI

  • Design Quality Inspection
  • Defect lifecycle management
  • Operation handover certification
Content Acquisition and ingestion


  • Wayleaves and approvals
  • Hotline support services
  • As built plan updates
Content Enrichment


  • Order, Construction & Field force Management
  • Fulfil & Assure services
  • E2E program life cycle management
Workflow and Editorial Systems


  • Process & Automaton Consultancy
  • CX & Serviceability support
  • Roadmap, strategy and operating model recommendations

Infosys provides services across all life cycle stages for Network Planning & design and Project Management services for Fiber Access (FTTx, HFC) and Transport network. We leverage industry leading plan and design process frameworks and Infosys IP solutions to meet the demanding pace of rollouts. Our expertise extends to Network Inventory / GIS platform enablement, systems integration & customization for home-grown and industry leading COTS products.

How we deliver value to our clients

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Infosys leverages a 4-prong approach to meet the customized needs of global telco clients. We value the client's unique requirements and understand the typical market challenges involved in network rollouts. The roll-out delivery is exclusively crafted to honor the telco's market commitments, increase the right first delivery and improve end user satisfaction.

Infrastructure Planning

People Excellence

Centre of Excellence with 1200+ technology, domain & management SMEs

Smart shoring with global teams.

Engagement across US, UK, Europe and ANZ

Infrastructure Integration

Platform Enablement

Infosys Network Lifecycle Manager(IP) – Smart Plug & Play automation framework for Design automation

Infosys Digital Node Manager – Management Platform for onboarding /commissioning digital nodes like R-PHY, OLT etc.

Infrastructure Deployment

Process Efficiency

Infosys’s proven Design Factory Model -30% reduced execution cost with extreme agile delivery

BPE & Automation immersed teams – shift left and redundancy removal

Infrastructure Monitoring and Maintenance

Partnership & Alliance

Ecosystem partnership with industry bodies like ONAP, TMF & Telco Infra Projects

Expertise across 5+ industry leading GIS/PNI systems to bring in PNI/GIS transformations roadmap

Success Stories
Nationwide Fiber Rollout at Scale 

Over 10+ years of engagement, we have strengthened our partnership in rolling out multi-technology Fiber network to connect 8M+ premises. Infosys helped the customer’s P&D organization to modernize the landscape with extreme automation and value-added services to achieve >70% cycle time reduction, >95% right first serviceability and meet 100% market commitments.

Rapid Scaling for 5G Backhaul Design 

In 6+ years of partnership, Infosys has grown to become a strategic partner in designing the customer’s Transmission Backhaul network. Our ability to scale rapidly and deliver 25K+ high quality & cost-effective designs with >95% zero-defect and >95% On Time deliverables over the course of the engagement has been vital in ensuring that the customer maintain their 5G leadership in Australia.

Infosys partners with Telcos and helps them navigate the next to transform network rollout ecosystem. We help them simplify the complex operational process, speedup rollout with digital and automatized services and accelerate the modernization with plug & play IP solutions. Come partner with us for a high-value experience in legacy infrastructure upgradations and next gen network rollouts.

Value Commitment
20% Upfront CAPEX savings
Up to 30% Cycle time elimination
>50% RPA & automation across phases

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Network Life Cycle Management to automate and orchestrate end to end Planning and design flow. AI based plug and play framework to enable seamless & less disruptive landscape automation. Upto 50% automation across the lifecycle phases.

Proven Network Design Factory model to enable on demand talent scaling and rationalize Capex intensity.

Focused BPM and Process Re-engineering consultancy to eliminate redundancy. RPA framework to improve process efficiency. Upto >50% cycle time reduction and amplify planner potential