The Blue Technology Barometer – An MIT Technology Review Insights publication

The Blue Technology Barometer is a report on the efforts and the degree of prioritization exhibited by 66 coastal countries in protecting ocean health through sustainable marine activity, blue innovation and policy implementation. It ranks these countries on the basis of their performance and commitment on the above parameters.

The rankings are based on a global research conducted by MIT Technology Review Insights. The research examined the implementation of blue technologies in these 66 coastal nations and how they are being used to clean up the oceans, reduce sea-related carbon emissions and make maritime economic activities more sustainable.

Infosys is a Premier Partner for the Blue Technology Barometer and has been able to put forth its perspective on the need for technology to assure sustainable maritime business operations. Infosys’ perspective outlines the crisis, the technological solutions and the business opportunities for maritime service providers through the implementation of ‘blue technologies’.

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