In an increasingly digital world, which everyone wants to be a be part of, many manufacturing companies are trying to move to Industry 4.0 to produce their products faster and cheaper. But unfortunately, their sales process is lagging in the digitization journey.

Configure – Price – Quote (CPQ) solutions can help manufacturers digitize sales journey effectively while accelerating their sales process. Start your CPQ journey with our well qualified team to transform your sales process for the digital ecosystem.

Our Service Offerings

No matter where you are in your CPQ journey, Infosys solution can help through the lifecycle of the CPQ solution.


Consulting Services

  • CPQ as-is Business Process Assessment
  • CPQ Maturity Assessment for industry benchmarking
  • Define CPQ use cases and requirements
  • Design CPQ Solution and implementation roadmap
  • Help clients to finalize the CPQ platform

Digital Services

  • Configurator Integrations with PLM to enable engineering driven solution
  • CPQ Integrations with IoT to bring CPQ as part of Industry 4.0
  • Automate ‘Quote to Cash’ Process by integration with CRM and ERP
  • AI/ML enabled CPQ solution
  • Cloud based CPQ solution
  • Extend to end customers as an eCommerce platform and Channel partners

Implementation & Support Services

  • Generic wireframes and functional specification document
  • Designing blueprints and roadmaps for solution implementation
  • UX/UI driven solution
  • Custom application maintenance and support for clients across sectors
  • Data migration to new CPQ solution
  • Moving existing CPQ solution to cloud

Accelerate your sales journey with our integrated CPQ solutions

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Our Differentiators

Infosys developed many solutions, frameworks and automation as part of CPQ implementations. Some of these include:

  • CPQ Enablement Framework: This comprehensive 5-step framework details different key focus areas before implementing a CPQ solution. The whitepaper CPQ Enablement Framework provides further details.
  • Enterprise Configurator Solution: A unique, proven solution, it integrates CPQ with PLM, ERP and IOT to digitize sales to manufacturing process in the true sense.
  • CPQ Consulting Accelerators: Infosys Consulting ensures you never go wrong when setting up a CPQ solution. Moreover, accelerators like the all-inclusive CPQ features list, CPQ vendor evaluation criteria, CPQ platform ecosystem helps fast track the complete process.
  • CPQ Implementation Accelerator: Implementing a CPQ solution can be cumbersome, but our set of accelerators ensure speed:
    • Reusable UI Wireframes: generic reusable wireframes for typical CPQ solutions that can be further customized according to client use cases.
    • Standard Components: reusable standard components for CPQ integrations with ERP, CRM, PLM.
    • Standard Templates: standard templates for product data gathering
    • Data Migration: template-based data migration from existing systems to new configurator for faster and efficient migration

Challenges & Solutions

  • Infosys’ Enterprise configurator solution integrates all enterprise systems (PLM, CRM, ERP, IoT etc.) to ensure a single source of truth, where data is always maintained in a single system. Also, tight integration with the IT ecosystem ensures seamless data transfer between all systems to provide end users with a unified user experience.

  • Infosys has created a Smart Integrated Sales Acceleration Suite (SISAS), extending your core CPQ to channel partners in days instead of months.
  • Also, Infosys’s SISAS platform is independent and does not share data with the core CPQ. As a result, channel partners can trust SISAS easily, and it can become the single point of entry for all your products. Therefore, it is easy to conduct business with you, thus providing an edge for your products over competitors’.

  • While salespersons focus on big new deals, renewals get neglected, resulting in loss of revenue. A major challenge is contracts with low monetary value are present in large volumes and their renewal process remains largely manual. As a result, the time and effort required to close low value contracts are greater than the contract value itself.
  • Infosys’s Smart Renewal platform automates the renewal process and is zero touch. Once the margin rules are set up in the system, the system identifies renewal opportunities and sends automatic notifications to customers with the payment links.