The Media and entertainment sector has undergone a major disruption with the advent of OTT services. Media houses are under pressure to produce and distribute original content more frequently and effectively to stay competitive. Customer analytics, targeted advertising, video ratings, social media integration and multi device playback are all must-have features for the new age consumers. Hence adopting cloud-based solutions is the need of the hour for all media companies. Our media cloud offerings have evolved from PaaS and SaaS into a more elastic customizable virtual media pipeline offering that helps deliver huge quantities of digital content quickly and cost-effectively.

Integrating our cloud native solutions with minimum disruption to business workflows can help existing media companies to compete with their digitally nimble new age competition.

Our Service Offerings

Scaled GTM

1. Professional services for the online video platform products

Scaled GTM

2. Validation and media quality assurance services

Scaled GTM

3. Service assurance services for large scale media operation

Scaled GTM

4. Application development services on all media consumption devices


Our platform agnostic media cloud capabilities deliver seamless content and playback services on all devices

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Challenges & Solutions

  • Our media cloud offers solutions on generic x86 hardware, reducing OEM dependency.
  • It also enables new technologies like software encoders, CDNs and device virtualization.
  • Lower cost by improving interoperability between different cloud providers.

  • Ability to define infrastructure in software fuels replicated environments for QA, development and production purposes.
  • Quick infrastructure setup to simulate peak like scenarios give broadcasters a glimpse of future production problems and helps proactively address them.
  • Cloud vendors provide industry proven tools and techniques for data recovery.
  • Enhanced security audits and vulnerability alerts from cloud vendors greatly decrease the security flaws due to human negligence.

  • The demand for resources varies across regions, content and real-life events. Therefore, the auto scaling feature of cloud is the single most attraction for the media industry.
  • Pay-as-you consume pricing models greatly reduce the total cost of ownership vis-a-vis local data centers, which mandate accounting for peak capacity