Improving Revenues with Multi-Channel Digital distribution on the Cloud

Mukaddim Pathan

A service must deliver the proper type of content, a good user experience, and a cost that resonates with the customer

The average US household has a stingy $21 per month budget for streaming services, according to research from Sling TV DISH Network. Services that don’t differentiate themselves are not going to get a portion of that $21, said Mukkadim Pathan, head of over-the-top engineering and apps at Sling TV Dish Network.

Anand Swaminathan

How Digital Distribution is driving Revenue growth in the current Landscape?

Virtual studio production also creates efficiency benefits for post-production and distribution phases, and can further accelerate the pace for delivery content. This is something Infosys discovered as it worked with Warner Bros. to digitize its production and distribution activities, said Anand Swaminathan, executive vice president, and global communications media and technology industry leader

Anant Adya

How can companies Reimagine and monetize data and content to create a network effect while transforming the audience experience?

Anant Adya SVP and Business Head - Cloud, Infrastructure & Security Services, Infosys answers the most pressing questions emerging in the Media and Entertainment landscape.

Buzz Hays

How will a Virtual Studio Platform modernize content production and distribution in Media and Entertainment Industry?

To be sure, a media cloud platform won’t solve the Covid-19 pandemic, but pandemic-related disruptions create an opportunity for media companies across the value chain the opportunity to re-orient their practices and systems to cloud infrastructure, applications, and platforms. Traditionally, production methods and technology has evolved slowly in the media production business in large part because there’s never a pause in production activity, said Buzz Hays, media and entertainment industry leader for Google Cloud Platform