The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice upgrades the IT infrastructure of film production studios for superior multimedia content management. We leverage robotic process automation, machine learning and cognitive intelligence to address challenges during content production.

A digital foundation helps studios generate compelling content across genres, for diverse audiences and platforms. We leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI)-led automation to improve the efficiency and accuracy of labor and time-intensive repetitive tasks such as editing and metadata management. Further, automated workflows streamline content processes including ingestion, mixing, meta-tagging, cataloging, archiving, and retrieval.

The Infosys Digital Factory facilitates content tagging and development of digital storefronts to monetize content catalogs. Our AI-based solutions enhance content quality and accelerate content generation by eliminating human intervention in activities ranging from video / speech-to-text conversion to compatibility testing for technical standards and user devices. Significantly, AI tools boost productivity and augment the skills of production and scheduling teams.

We implement media-agnostic systems, advanced taxonomy and digital interfaces for ready access, conversion and distribution via heterogeneous devices and delivery formats. Our template-based approach to migrate assets in diverse media formats to digital asset repositories eliminates data loss. In addition, we develop direct-to-consumer channels for film producers to enter new markets.

Infosys has invented a digital watermarking mechanism for copyright protection. Our robust algorithms embed watermarking in the original content and can be retrieved even after the content is transcoded for end user devices.

Infosys Nia, our artificial intelligence platform, enhances the user experience with voice-based digital assistance.

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PoV: Virtual MVPD transforms broadcasting

Virtual multichannel video programming distributors are changing the broadcasting landscape with the support of content providers.


Challenges & Solutions

3D visualization and simulation tools optimize equipment and layout for high definition production, surround sound recording, editing, and mixing.

Mobile-first approach boosts average consumption and usage of audio / video content.

Direct-to-consumer platforms, e-Commerce, and genre-specific web portals ensure marketing effectiveness.