The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice maximizes content monetization through direct-to-consumer operations and digital platform solutions for Video on Demand (VOD), advertising-based VOD, transactional VOD, and subscription VOD business models. We grow revenue by supplementing subscriptions with advertising, merchandise sales, sponsorship, ticketing, and e-Commerce. Our digital fan engagement solutions minimize dependence on streaming partners for revenue growth by connecting artists, studios, sports personnel, and music labels with fans.

Our artificial intelligence-powered analytical solutions combine data from first-party (subscription), second-party (partners) and third-party (social) sources to extract subscriber information and create granular customer profiles. The personas and user profiles are used to repurpose content based on the potential for monetization. In addition, it helps redesign editorial processes for developing personalized content and programmatic advertising.

We analyze the revenue of media producers and broadcasters based on diverse parameters including territory, content formats, timeframes, and ratings. Correlation of attributes such as genres, cast, language, and region with revenue facilitates informed decisions to optimize content distribution strategies.

Our sophisticated content management platforms and content syndication frameworks incorporate advanced features, mobile interfaces and responsive design to engage subscribers and drive revenue. Our metric-driven framework measures audience engagement and minimizes customer churn by identifying opportunities for cross-promotions, incentives, discounts, and rewards; personalized content and advertisement delivery; and integration of programmatic ad models.

We implement robotic process automation for subscription, account and order management, which improves accuracy and prevents revenue leakage.

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Our platform transforms static sports assets into a dynamic, value-driven ecosystem to deepen fan engagement and grow revenue.


Challenges & Solutions

Digital fan engagement applications customize the fan experience to grow the audience and find viewers in new regions.

Online tools for advocacy management and community development rationalize costs while deepening fan engagement.

Infosys Consumer Genome solution creates unique customer profiles across artists, locations, channels, devices, and content genres, enabling precision targeting and monetization through retail, web, mobile, and social channels.