The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice enforces royalty management for artistic, literary and musical assets. We combine emerging technologies to address the challenges in managing trademarks, copyrights and usage in accordance with license, sublicense, contract and trade arrangements to produce / publish, reproduce and distribute multimedia assets. We apply patented systems to embed digital rights and protect products from unauthorized use and distribution.

Infosys implements a blockchain network to connect the asset owner and supply chain partners. The blockchain tracks ownership while ensuring transparency in order processing and royalty accounting. Further, it streamlines royalty administration by enabling granular reporting and prompt reconciliation of accruals. In addition, smart contracts help record labels, movie studios, distributors, and artists improve digital rights management across content consumption models.

Our royalty management programs support large transaction volumes from diverse channels. We ensure visibility into production, advertising and distribution costs, which enhances the accuracy of royalty statements and settlements. Significantly, our approach maximizes utilization of assets and simplifies revenue sharing.

Our solutions for tracking and analyzing usage, payment and relevant data mitigate risks in royalty management.

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Royalty Management

PoV: Virtual MVPD transforms broadcasting

Virtual multichannel video programming distributors are changing the broadcasting landscape with the support of content providers.


Challenges & Solutions

Centralized digital repository simplifies identification, verification and audit of royalty revenue.

Robotic process automation ensures accurate accounting and reporting of royalties, be it on percentage of gross sales, a fixed amount per sale, or a portion of net sales.

Automation of the contract-to-cash process enables compliance with payment terms, deductions, penalties, and indemnity clauses, thereby, minimizing disputes and litigation.