Navigate your Next in Media and Entertainment

Your media and entertainment enterprise needs to navigate a multi-polar landscape: create content that resonates with global as well as local viewers, engage fans with social conversations, distribute content in the preferred format and screen, and encourage participation across the content journey.

Infosys helps media and entertainment enterprises harvest data to respond to the dynamic landscape and transform it with technology solutions. We streamline the content value chain to deliver compelling content on demand via smart phones, connected TVs, gaming consoles, and augmented reality devices.

Our offerings for the media and entertainment industry are based on three principles –

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered core: enriches the glass-to-glass content cycle via mixed reality, natural language processing, video and image analytics, intuitive user interface, and automation.
  • Agile digital at scale: reconfigures the business model to manage digital content pipelines, maximize content visibility, and reach out to a wider audience.
  • Always-on learning: trains the workforce to manage workflow, metadata and omni-channel distribution of multimedia content.

Infosys partners with television networks, film studios, music companies, radio networks, broadcasters, over-the-top platforms, and cable / pay TV providers to customize content delivery. The Infosys Media Innovation Labs, Digital Media Lab, Cable Lab, and Mobile Technologies Lab develop solutions to automate content processes, track consumption and influence viewership.

Capitalize on our 'media factory' to delight your audience.

Use advanced analytics to decode the 'viewer genome'.

Deepen viewer engagement with immersive technologies.

Automate metadata management for intuitive content search and retrieval.

Adopt blockchain for digital rights management.