Being Resilient. That’s Live Enterprise.

Navigate your next in Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment are being disrupted by shifts in technology and audience demographics. You need to respond by enhancing broadcast and streaming services with voice and visual search capabilities, enriching live sports broadcasting with deep insights, and optimizing video quality for diverse devices and form factors. Further, you should deliver personalized content while safeguarding the personal information of subscribers, and protecting digital content from unauthorized access and piracy.

The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice combines automation, data science, artificial intelligence, and immersive technologies to transform the audience experience, accelerate content production, and maximize content monetization. We help publishers and media houses capitalize on smart devices as well as the growing demand for streaming services. Our metadata approach to multimedia content management supports advanced search and accelerates content retrieval.

Infosys partners with media and entertainment enterprises to become more resilient with the Live Enterprise framework –

  • Accelerate migration to the cloud – Infosys develops cloud-hosted content management solutions to simplify search, sharing and consumption of rich content via diverse devices and platforms.
  • Ensure resilient IT operations – Infosys modernizes the infrastructure to support advances in imaging, video processing and mobile technologies. Further, it helps harvest consumer insights to align user preferences with content in real time.
  • Establish resilient business processes – Infosys integrates rich media and content strategies to enhance the viewing experience, grow the subscriber base, drive content consumption, and facilitate programmatic advertising.
  • Enable remote learning at scale – Infosys e-learning solutions enable production houses and content distributors to share the latest design concepts production techniques and marketing tools with the workforce.