The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice partners with content creators and distributors to explore opportunities for screen convergence. We enable ‘TV Everywhere (TVE)’and on-demand entertainment by ensuring uninterrupted streaming to connected spaces – homes, stadium, conference rooms, vehicles, things, and devices.

Infosys integrates data from telecommunication / internet protocol networks and devices with digital product catalogs and content inventories. It ensures instantaneous access to live and recorded audio-visual content anytime, anywhere, on any device, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, games consoles, and television.

Our platform-agnostic ecosystem supports content personalization and monetization of multimedia offerings. We focus on interoperability of systems to boost quality of service and deliver immersive experiences across devices and platforms. Further, seamless integration enables simultaneous media consumption on diverse devices. For example, a viewer watching a live tennis match on TV can enhance the experience by watching a replay from a vantage camera angle on a virtual reality headset.

Our bouquet of patented systems enhance the viewing experience of multimedia applications by simplifying content discovery and access. Our IP tools evaluate network conditions, the media format, and the mobile device prior to streaming a broadcast or interactive content.

Our multi-screen content approach delivers immersive entertainment to wired consumers as well as cord-cutters and cord-nevers.

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Screen Convergence

Our platform transforms static sports assets into a dynamic, value-driven ecosystem to deepen fan engagement and grow revenue.


Challenges & Solutions

Automation and digital processes support conventional media, over-the-air, over-the-top, and social sharing platforms for content production and distribution.

Analytical solutions provide insights into media consumption for informed decisions to improve multi-screen distribution.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning-based solutions optimize bandwidth and resource utilization, and enhance content delivery.