The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice navigates the multi-screen landscape via digital marketing. Our data-first solutions combine machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analysis for personalized marketing. Multi-dimensional analysis improves marketing effectiveness by providing actionable insights into the audience – what they view, when, where, on which device, and with whom they share the experience.

Our big data analytics tools offer a nuanced understanding of the audience by classifying customers based on behavior, demographics, gender, viewership, and income, among other criteria. Our visualization dashboards provide ready access to social data (followers, likes, interests, and sentiment), online activity (first and repeat purchases, conversion, and bounce rate) and external attributes such as the credit score.

Visibility into the preferences of the global audience as well as social media trends helps advertisers and content creators craft storylines to reach a wider audience while recommending content to each viewer. In addition, predictive insights help sanitize the content supply chain, and create multi-screen / device-friendly branding artifacts / content catalogs.

Our cloud-based marketing solutions facilitate acquisition and retention of customers by guiding interaction and engagement. Our template-driven campaign management ensures a single source of truth while accelerating design, development and execution for PCs, tablets, smart phones, gaming consoles, and smart TV. Moreover, standardization empowers digital marketers and online sales teams with self-service tools to manage campaigns across e-mail, web, mobile, and social platforms.

Infosys content marketing and recommendation management services include taxonomy definition, metadata capture, tagging, cataloging, content repurposing, and data validation.

We align digital marketing solutions with the content distribution strategy to drive consumption of video and audio content on connected devices.

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Our platform transforms static sports assets into a dynamic, value-driven ecosystem to deepen fan engagement and grow revenue.


Challenges & Solutions

Asset metadata management and data enrichment solutions simplify localization of assets, marketing strategies and content distribution.

Micro-segmentation of the audience and granular content mapping enable cost-effective omni-channel distribution to a global audience.

Contextual insights into the audience and tools to measure the effectiveness of campaigns improve the relevance as well as effectiveness of branding /campaigns.