Our patented methodology maximizes usage of sports data

Sports agencies and entertainment enterprises need a data ecosystem to harness player, team and event-related data to manage operations: schedule events, prepare team rosters, accumulate team and player statistics, and generate audio-visual reports and press releases.

The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice developed a data methodology for managing and using sports-related information in real time. Our application enables sports information providers to rate players, manage advertisements, and share sport-specific information such as diet plans. In addition, it helps sporting bodies select players, teams and coaches across sports - cricket, football, hockey, tennis, basketball, and baseball, among others.

Infosys’ data methodology was granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Our web-based system automatically updates data across enterprise modules. An intuitive interface enables registered users, such as sports personnel, coaches, administrators, selectors, and sports clubs, to securely access player statistics spanning performance records, career information, achievements, fitness level, and competitors.

Players and coaches use our portal solution to download pictures and video clips, view performance, analyze career statistics, identify competitors, and manage affiliation / registration with authorized sports organizations. Our solution incorporates a virtual play module for individual and team events.