The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice modernizes the IT infrastructure, and migrates enterprise workloads, systems and applications to the cloud. Our scalable cloud platform solutions provide film studios and producers with infinite processing power and capacity for a vast production pipeline. Cloud platforms streamline acquisition, storage, management, and delivery of the growing volume of syndicated and user generated content. Further, it manages spikes and surges in demand for digital content via global distribution.

Infosys offers end-to-end managed services for public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployments. Automated data flow enhances performance and responsiveness while facilitating real-time backup. Our cloud ecosystem supports agile methodology, DevOps practices and collaborative content creation. Significantly, it enables data analytics for content personalization, and enhances machine learning capabilities to deliver richer multimedia experiences.

Our technology agnostic approach and standardized processes ensure a secure cloud environment. It simplifies management of mission-critical data as well as broadcasting models and platforms for digital distribution. We leverage advanced networking technologies and encryption mechanisms to comply with data privacy and security requirements. Moreover, our cloud services boost digital marketing for content products.

Infosys modernizes core enterprise functions and develops cloud native applications by leveraging strategic partnerships with Amazon Web Services (Premier Consulting Partner), Google Cloud (Managed Service Provider), Microsoft Azure (Global Managed Services Partner), Oracle Cloud (Platinum Partner, Cloud Elite), Salesforce, and SAP Cloud Platform.

Our experts have rich experience in managing Oracle, Google, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services cloud platforms.

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PoV: Virtual MVPD transforms broadcasting

Virtual multichannel video programming distributors are changing the broadcasting landscape with the support of content providers.


Challenges & Solutions

On-demand infrastructure addresses enterprise requirements - process and store big data, integrate diverse engagement models, and manage revenue streams.

Bouquet of ‘as-a-service’ cloud solutions shift IT infrastructure costs from capex to opex model.

Cloud-native tools and services minimize delays and downtime, while supporting diverse devices, operating systems and file formats.