The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice partners with artists, record labels and music companies to track sales in physical and digital formats, and manage contracts, deals, royalty, live shows, and subscriptions. Our data management approach simplifies search based on diverse criteria, and supports on-demand streaming. In addition, it enables users to create and share playlists, and consume content on multiple devices.

Infosys adopts a ‘site factory’ model to create bespoke digital destinations for artists and events. It ensures effective promotion of album releases and music content in movies, TV shows and live performances. We incorporate augmented / virtual reality to promote merchandise, and integrate gamification techniques to attract and engage users. Our approach grows fan clubs, fosters user discussions, and enables content moderation on forums.

Our cloud-hosted applications and automated processes enable bundling of music, tours and ticketing, and merchandise. We develop APIs to share catalogs and ensure inventory visibility across artist websites, B2B stores, tour portals, and partner sites. Integrated processes ensure transparency in sales transactions, licensing agreements and royalty payments, while facilitating timely order fulfillment. We align digital asset management systems with the lifecycle of audio / video content. Significantly, we prevent piracy by using metadata, fingerprinting, blockchain, and <<patented algorithms>> <<patent story # 4>>.

Our dashboards simplify reconciliation of revenue and expenditure across content streams and distribution systems.

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Our platform transforms static sports assets into a dynamic, value-driven ecosystem to deepen fan engagement and grow revenue.


Challenges & Solutions

Direct-to-consumer solutions allow artists to connect with fans, engage with a global fan base, and deliver novel experiences.

Feature-rich websites, microsites, and online stores attract traffic, and boost sales of labels, concert tickets and merchandise.

Robotic automation of sales processes and integration with distribution, inventory and financial systems facilitate shared service models for cost-effective global operations.