The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice empowers TV and radio broadcasters to meet the demands of a global audience. We integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools into media management systems to boost functionalities of AM / FM and satellite radio, national and local TV networks, and cable and satellite operators.

Our patented systems customize the viewing experience, while Infosys Nia, our AI-driven chatbot, simplifies search and retrieval of content. Our cloud-based machine learning algorithms can be trained to adapt content processes for specific user groups, programming requirements or quality standards.

A digital ecosystem enables media enterprises and distributors to broadcast live multimedia content and redistribute / repurpose content for devices and audiences. It maximizes network bandwidth utilization, while boosting productivity of journalists and program editors.

AI tools identify audio / visual content that may be restricted / sensitive or does not meet regulatory requirements, which helps muting / blurring / sharing of advisories during transmission. Besides, AI solutions simplify indexing and support content refresh, transcription and translation.

Our communication and networking experts have rich experience across signal processing technologies and audio-video codecs. It helps us convert analog source materials into digital formats, and transmit analog and digital signals with minimal signal loss. Our solutions minimize video latency, driving uninterrupted consumption of live and archived content.

The Infosys service catalog for ad monetization spans campaign planning, monitoring and optimization to yield management. Our intelligent ad insertion tool dynamically inserts contextual ads based on multi-dimensional data, including user attributes and the device - mobile, desktop, smart TV, game console, or tablet.


Challenges & Solutions

Data-oriented ecosystem strengthens facilities-based infrastructure for content creation, aggregation and distribution.

Multi-screen synchronization enhances the consumer experience while improving distribution bandwidth.

Digital repositories with intuitive search enable easy retrieval of newly ingested and archived content.