The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice leverages media function virtualization to boost operational efficiency of broadcasters and content distributors. Virtualization eliminates the need for function-specific hardware, while modernizing the broadcast distribution infrastructure. Our software platforms deliver diverse functionalities, including processing, transmission, media network monitoring, and signal processing.

Our reference architecture for Software-Defined Networking (SDN) uses open source platforms and tools for uninterrupted delivery of software. Further, it enables mission-critical functions such as content calibration and video transcoding to be hosted as edge computing services, which facilitates network bandwidth and traffic management. Significantly, the use of edge computing resources enhances real-time broadcast and streaming capabilities and delivers immersive viewing experiences while rationalizing costs.

A robust broadcast infrastructure and IP-based virtualized services help media companies address high bandwidth entertainment services such as video on demand and live streaming. Moreover, an integrated media function virtualization and SDN ecosystem maximizes IP networks, ensuring low latency in the production and delivery of live content such as sports and news.

Our suite of IP automation tools and accelerators drive faster roll out and adoption of virtualization services.

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Media Function Virtualization

PoV: Virtual MVPD transforms broadcasting

Virtual multichannel video programming distributors are changing the broadcasting landscape with the support of content providers.


Challenges & Solutions

Virtualization software defines the functionality of high-tech equipment, while software can be updated / upgraded / modified to change the functionality of equipment.

DevOps / NetOps tools facilitate seamless migration of legacy network and bespoke broadcast equipment to IP-based models and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) environment.

Edge computing and application programming interfaces dynamically optimize bandwidth utilization.