The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice partners with content producers to deliver immersive experiences. We incorporate Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), mixed reality, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for immersive entertainment. Our immersive content solutions address the needs of entertainment enterprises(film studios, television networks, music companies, and advertising agencies), publishers and sports leagues as well as industries that need to boost customer interaction for sales/operations (retail, automobile, tourism, fashion, and e-learning solutions).

Our Media Experience Factory comprises an ‘experience studio’ and a ‘digital factory’ for mobile applications and user engagement. Our cloud platform leverages the convergence of content, gaming and interactive services to drive real-time consumption of digital media. It provides an immersive experience to users exploring new products and services (across industries) or locations (sports, travel and recreation), navigating price discovery (insurance) or packages (home décor), or unearthing content (manufacturing procedures, repair manuals and storage literature).

We superimpose, replace, replicate, recreate, and / or simulate physical settings and virtual elements to deliver immersive experiences via smart devices, interactive screens, game consoles, and wearables such as headsets and smart gloves. Our approach enhances location-based content services while deepening real-time personalized engagement in sporting events.

Infosys uses patented technology to enhance the quality of content delivery services. Our systems provide immersive experiences across applications, be it videoconferencing, ultra high definition music, or a virtual tour of a theme park.

Our data scientists ensure that digital and physical elements in immersive content enhance human interaction.

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Immersive Entertainment

Our platform transforms static sports assets into a dynamic, value-driven ecosystem to deepen fan engagement and grow revenue.


Challenges & Solutions

Advanced computer-aided techniques dynamically recalibrate content into immersive digital formats to deliver unique experiences.<

Responsive artificial intelligence optimizes human factors in spatial computing systems to boost sensory stimulation and make content more engaging.

Cloud-based analytical solutions capture and analyze technological, social, ethnographic, and psychological factors driving user-oriented immersive systems.