The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice partners with Over-The-Top (OTT) service providers to distribute on-demand content. Our services span the video content value chain across genres, delivery platforms and forms – long-form content (movies and TV shows), live (sports and travel), short-form (advertisements and features), and original OTT content.

Our solutions cater to the demand for streaming content by eliminating constraints in content generation and distribution, while ensuring quality of service. We support diverse business models including Video on Demand (VOD), advertising-based VOD, transactional VOD, and subscription VOD. We integrate core video platforms such as Ooyala with multiple content sources and create multi-platform TVE apps for end-to-end OTT service.

Infosys leverages digital technologies to connect content owners, creators and consumers. It helps OTT service providers make and market high-quality, compelling content, and grow market share from linear programming. Digital tools optimize the price of live and on-demand services, while enabling free access to user-generated content by offsetting costs through immersive advertising. Our approach reaches out to audiences with content produced by professional as well as amateur creators. Significantly, our IP digital rights management systems control access to exclusive content.

Our data scientists incorporate artificial intelligence into the OTT ecosystem of incumbents as well as start-ups to enhance content creation, distribution, monetization, and consumption. Insights into what viewers expect, how they interact with content, and when and where they view it enable personalized programming wherein viewers recommend actors for specific characters or navigate the plot.

Our AI-driven data solutions help OTT enterprises enhance at-home and on-the-go experiences.

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Our platform transforms static sports assets into a dynamic, value-driven ecosystem to deepen fan engagement and grow revenue.


Challenges & Solutions

Digital technology stack ensures seamless delivery over-the-top of traditional distribution channels while supporting flexible content, customer and pricing strategies.

Collaborative content ecosystem enables co-creation of exclusive OTT content with professional contributors and communities on social platforms.

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analytical systems provide insights into user expectations and also drive recommendation services.