IP algorithms undertake digital rights management

Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and network convergence enable content service providers to delight viewers. However, it poses a challenge for safeguarding ‘traditional rights and usages’ of digital media users and ensuring copyright protection.

The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice combines advanced technologies for secure delivery and authorized access of multimedia content. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted patents for several Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems developed by Infosys.

Our algorithms detect unauthorized usage and illegal use of video as well as the source of leakage (internal access by employees of a studio, theater, broadcaster, or distributor; or external access via online download or copy from physical medium such as DVD). It extracts the watermark from the pirated copy to identify the user responsible for copyright violation.

Infosys’ algorithms identify abrupt scene changes and scenes that are incorrectly sequenced in a video. Our automated application for scene change detection enhances the efficiency of DRM, and video indexing and retrieval systems.

Our key management system enforces digital rights of data in user equipment such as a mobile device, personal digital assistant, laptop, and / or a fixed device. Our data solution protects downloaded files and real-time IMS data streams that use a real time protocol / real time control protocol.

Our content licensing and access control mechanism generates a dynamic key for viewing protected content via a set top box. The set top box validates the dynamic key against predefined parameters as well as the user profile, and the user's right to access protected content.