The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice partners with independent artists, music groups, sports persons / teams and leagues, and global content enterprises to deepen fan engagement via physical and digital channels. Our digital direct-to-consumer solutions combine mobile technology, geo-targeting techniques and social media feeds to achieve goals: cultivate artist-fan relationship, generate interest and engage fans before events, deliver immersive live and broadcast / streaming experience, and enable interaction at every touch point.

Infosys develops online destinations to grow fan clubs, promote releases and tours, and sell artist merchandise. Our web properties boost conversion ratio by facilitating rewards and incentives management for fans / fan groups. Process standardization, templates, reusable features, and responsive design accelerate turnaround and rationalize cost of development. Moreover, the integration of disparate data silos enables predictive analytics to deliver highlights / trailers and statistics based on interests. Further, it drives online traffic as well as event attendance at stadiums, music concerts, game shows, and movie theaters.

Our fan-centric ecosystem empowers enterprises to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning for accurate fan targeting inside and outside venues. Our AI-driven solutions modernize stadiums to enrich the experience using mixed reality, customized stadium advertising, and smart displays. It also enables enterprises to collaborate with third-parties to enhance loyalty programs and deepen fan engagement.


Challenges & Solutions

Robust networking solutions connect elements in the value chain for interaction and support services.

Mobile applications and digital artifacts engage fans, while growing the social footprint of entertainers / players, sponsors and organizers.