The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice offers Content Delivery Network (CDN) solutions to ensure uninterrupted streaming of on-demand and live content. Our patented content delivery frameworks address the constraints of network bandwidth in resource-intensive services such as video on demand. Our automation solutions dynamically optimize delivery to minimize load times and boost performance.

Our hierarchical CDN approach enhances the audience experience through faster and more reliable delivery of rich multimedia content. Our analytical solutions detect the user environment (device, browser, bandwidth, latency, etc.), and optimize content delivery, minimizing buffering time. Further, we implement multifactor authentication techniques for secure content delivery anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Our cloud partner ecosystem for media services spans Amazon Web Services (Premier Consulting Partner), Google Cloud (Managed Service Provider), Microsoft Azure (Global Managed Services Partner), Oracle Cloud (Platinum Partner, Cloud Elite), Salesforce, and SAP Cloud Platform.

Our managed services for the cloud infrastructure rationalize costs while improving the Quality of Service (QoS) for multimedia applications including audio, animation, video on demand, gaming, and live streaming media. Our cloud solutions support archiving and storage requirements to address the content workflows of global operations as well as the scalability required for seasonal traffic.

Our experts recommend CDN solutions based on an assessment of specific requirements such as bandwidth needs, location of viewers, content forms, and streaming capabilities.

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Content Delivery Network

PoV: Virtual MVPD transforms broadcasting

Virtual multichannel video programming distributors are changing the broadcasting landscape with the support of content providers.


Challenges & Solutions

Team of communication network services experts dynamically optimizes the core network and CDN services to manage traffic and boost performance across user devices.

Cloud infrastructure ensures quality of service by enhancing capacity, bandwidth, responsiveness, and download speed.

Robust authentication methods safeguard identity and ensure secure access, while conserving server resources by addressing cyber attacks.