Infosys Network Function Automation is an automation framework with inbuilt intelligence for seamless Virtual Network Function (VNF) onboarding and lifecycle management.

With the emergence of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), the existing process and systems (OSS/BSS) require a radical transformation. The existing plan and build processes have to be executed at an accelerated pace in order to benefit from SDN and NFV. Infosys Network Function Automation enables Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) to provide a standard-based approach that automates the VNF onboarding process and minimizes its complexity.

Infosys Network Function Automation (INFA) – Features

VNF Validation & Qualification

  • Ability to integrate with available security tool to scan VNF package for acceptance.
  • Ability to apply standard or tailored checklist for VNF package qualification
  • Validate package against TOSCA standards and other prescribed validations by given CSP

LCM for VNF On boarding

  • Predefined workflows and templates to validate VNF package.
  • Integrates with Nexus to upload and manage multiple version of given VNF
  • Predefined pipeline and workflows to upload VNF into VIM (Openstack)
  • Predefined pipeline and workflows to upload VNF into NFVO (Openbaton
  • Predefined workflows and templates to certify VNF package

VNF Certification

  • OPNFV practices to prepare and certify the VNF package.
  • Correlate VNF with network service created in NFVO using concerned VNF
  • REST API based integration with Configuration Manager, Monitoring and Testing tools/apps
  • Establish correlation with Test profiles managed within given Testing tools/framework
  • Instantiate VNF and run prescribed test and report back the results

Integration Support Security & Access

  • Intuitive web-based UI and TOSCA compliant REST APIs for northbound integration
  • Role Based Access Control and user admin capabilities.
  • All internal and external communication using micro-services are governed by Zuul API gateway
  • Integrates with CSP specific CI/CD integration (e.g. bamboo) to execute additional tasks.

Vendor agnostic automation solution for onboarding virtual network functions and applications


Open Architecture

Can be easily modified, configured and upgraded for the organization specific processes and systems such as portals, CI/CD pipelines, automation frameworks etc.

Standards Based

Enforces industry best practices and standard with respect VNFs on boarding (e.g. TOSCA, VNF packaging etc.)

Loosely Coupled

REST based Northbound APIs,  Micro-services architecture provide easy and fast integration with given Eco-System of CSP


Works for multiple tenants and environment. Capable of managing respective workloads across tenants.


Enable CSPs to have predictable & faster Time-to-Market for VNF On boarding

User Experience

Single Pane of glass to provide next generation digital experience


Supports growing business to exceptional levels of scalability

Automated & Configurable

Well-defined automated and configurable workflows prevents any human error or process failure and improve operational efficiency


Enhances Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through a unified interface, unified reporting, and unified SLA management

Vendor Agnostic

VNF Vendor agnostic and provides capability to On-board both Enterprise and Carrier-grade VNF


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys provides a standard-based approach that automated the onboarding process and minimizes its complexity

Infosys leverages automation to eliminate multiple handovers between teams and applications

Infosys provides a plugin-based solution architecture that can be used across different implementations of NFVO, VIM, and CI/CD

Infosys provides customized workflows that align to specific VNF onboarding process workflows

Infosys provides automated VNF onboarding and certification while integrating various systems