Infosys Smart Space practice helps enterprises reimagine their physical infrastructure. We interweave digital technology to allow collaboration, fuel sustainability, increase operational efficiency, and ultimately transform experiences. The Smart Spaces practice can be defined through six dimensions: scale, technology, team, partners, clients and recognition.

1. SCALE - Infosys manages 45 million square feet of offices comprising 150 buildings. Of these 150 buildings, 23 are LEED Platinum level certified as “green” buildings.

2. TECHNOLOGY - We have engineering expertise covering the gamut of IoT technologies, from sensors to analytics. We offer specialized services in connectivity such as 5G and software-defined networks, experience design, and cloud-based technology.

3. TEAM – We have a well-trained team of digitally certified engineers on cloud and IoT stacks.

4. PARTNERS - We have partnered with leaders who offer end-to-end services across the IoT value chain.

5. CLIENTS - We work with top global MNC’s in the ER&D and IoT segment.

6. RECOGNITION – Infosys has garnered many awards for our campuses and buildings, including the coveted United Nations Global Climate Action Award in 2019.

Our Service offerings include –

1. Digitizing (Facility) Operations

Our smart spaces solution architecture follows state-of-the-art principles and technology. We use the power of a cloud-hosted presentation layer, data ingestion and enrichment to allow rapid software updates and sophisticated computation for use cases like AI driven help desk and dynamic wayfinding.

Building management and safety functions such as comfort and air quality monitoring as well as fire detection are enabled through data acquisition and edge processing occurring close to the activities, ‘on-premises.’ We enable smart building operations with integrated command and control and provide insights into the usage and assist in maintenance activities via digital twins. Management of maintenance activities are enabled by automation using ticketing/integrated workflow management systems.

2. Enhancing Energy and Sustainability

Infosys helps organizations reduce their energy consumptions by providing intelligent insights and recommendations on the energy consumption patterns. Our solution integrates seamlessly with BMS systems to extract energy consumption data at the enterprise level as well as from the lowest level of an energy meter controlling a specific region of a floor in a building.

We provide these features:

  • Advanced energy metering
  • Operations excellence
  • Building energy performance benchmarks and dashboards
  • Automated fault detection & diagnostic
  • Integrated command and control

To measure building’s energy consumption levels and sustainability indexes, we enable:

  • Carbon Emissions Awareness and associated KPIs
  • Energy and Water Awareness and associated KPIs.
  • Waste Management Awareness associated KPIs.

3. Digitizing User Experiences

We enable modern and state of the art digital user experiences which include smart/self-check-in kiosk setup and configuration, smart lockers, enabling smart vending machines, digital visitor management systems, frictionless access, wayfinding, food ordering applications and space personalization.

4. Maximizing space utilization

Infosys solutions and services help determine and report, how spaces is getting utilized and report space utilization analytics and occupancy counting. It also enables occupant/spectator/audience space interactions and help the facility manager plan for the optimum utilization of the available space. Our solution also assists in informing the facility manager before a specific event and hence enable planning well in advance.

5. Enhancing Wellness & Safety

We enable building IAQ/Environment Quality index, occupancy density, wellness and rejuvenation options, fire alarm integration and video analytics for an enterprise/premise. Infosys has also developed a platform called Infosys Intelligent Workplace Platform which provides an out-of-the-box solution for realizing various aspects of an intelligent workplace including:

  • Hot desking to allow seat reservation using a graphical user interface
  • Employee management and administration
  • Contact tracing for Covid-19 like situations
  • Ability to easily integrate with Access Control Solution
  • Integration with an energy management system, BMS system and other third-party systems of interest to the organization to provide a one-stop integrated solution.

Our cloud-enabled smart integrated solutions offer complete visibility from data ingestion and analysis to actionable insights.

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  • Numerous sustainability awards have recognized our experienced team
  • We have a strategic network of partners to ensure end-to-end execution of projects
  • Our design thinking and human-centered approach towards the demands of the people within the system leads to smart space solutions that are constantly evolving and pragmatic
  • Our track record of delivering tangible client results aligns client needs with the end user needs
  • Continuous talent upskilling on emerging technologies via a dedicated centre of excellence

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys delivers AI powered Smart Space solutions capable of deriving insights automatically from key building parameters in a data warehouse.

Infosys provides services such as sensor enablement, data ingestion, ETL, processing, analytics, reporting and insights - a complete solution customized to the client’s needs .

Infosys Intelligent Workplace platform is a one-stop solution for providing a host of features and can be hosted on any cloud platform.