Infosys Smart Network Assurance is a NextGen AI/ML-based closed loop assurance solution that has the capability to

  • Predict network issues through machine learning and correlations on network data
  • Self-heal network issues through workflow-driven automation
  • Manage networks by leveraging insights from network data

Infosys Smart Network Assurance provides predictive automated maintenance of networks, thereby enabling a customer-centric and analytics-driven digital network operation centers. It helps telecom service providers achieve high availability of network services and considerable OpEx improvements. It can also support use cases on the latest technology advancements including SDN, 5G and IoT.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) driven closed-loop assurance platform


Assure highly available Networks: Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for predictive and automated network maintenance to provide uninterrupted network operations experience

Deliver reliable services to Customer at reduced OPEX: Automatic network maintenance and insights on network available at operator’s finger tips to reduce OPEX cost

Improve Operator effectiveness: Through automation, automatic correlation & RCA, bring in guaranteed productivity improvements, reduce MTTR and ticket cycle time


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Smart Network Assurance provides automatic diagnosis of network issues leveraging ML algorithms to correlate real time events and suggest RCA.

Infosys Smart Network Assurance automatically identifies and alerts or fix network faults that occur real time providing benefits of closed loop assurance.

Unified dashboards of Infosys Smart Network Assurance provide analytic insights on heterogenous network data which will help improve the response time of NOC operators