Around the world 95 percent of database administrators create and update databases manually. Data warehouse owners are finding it very hard to manage their data warehouse solutions. Business stakeholders want to focus their energies on deriving business benefits, rather than data warehouse administration and maintenance.

Platform as a Service Offering called Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADWC) from Oracle resolves this challenge with an autonomous database on the cloud that runs itself for the most part. It leverages Machine Learning to drive, secure and repair itself automatically. Infosys has built multiple use cases by moving on premise database workloads to the ADWC, exploiting its features to provide a superior experience to end users using Oracle Analytics Cloud. By eliminating the need for manual administration of databases, the solution produces several advantages for enterprises.

Why should customers move to ADWC?

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  • Ease of DB creation - It takes only 4 steps to create an ADWC instance on Oracle public cloud
  • Ease of Data Migration - Using tools like SQL Developer, Oracle Data Guard or Oracle Golden Gate it is extremely easy to migrate Huge Data Workloads to ADWC
  • Superior Query Performance - Query execution is 10x faster on AWDC with equivalent CPUs and other resources.
  • High Performance in Analytics - Oracle Analytics Cloud gives high throughput if run on ADWC
  • Cost Savings - Faster query time = Less CP Usage = Lower $/hr. If reports execution used to take say 8 hrs. & now it take 2 hours, you can shut down ADWC and save
  • Move from Legacy to State of the Art platform - SQL Server Migration, OBIEE on Old Exadata, DW moving to Cloud, customer BI App

Challenges & Solutions

  • Fully autonomous database capable of self-patching, self-tuning, upgrading itself while the system is running, eliminating manual human error prone processing.
  • Optimized and pre-configured to allow for creation of data warehouse cloud service in 15 seconds.
  • Immediately run analytics on your data without the need for investment in data center infrastructure or additional IT staffing

  • ADWC is based on the next generation cloud database platform using artificial intelligence including machine learning to deliver adaptive caching and indexing all powered by the Oracle Exadata engineered infrastructure.
  • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse processes data 8 – 14 times faster than AWS Redshift. In addition, Autonomous Data Warehouse costs 5 to 8x less than AWS Redshift. Oracle1 performs in an hour what Redshift does in 10 hours.
  • Machine learning automatically optimizes indexing and caching helps to reduce CPU consumption to deliver more value to customers than AWS Redshift.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is a single platform that empowers your entire organization to ask any question of any data type.

With ADWC, you can load and analyze data in the cloud in a few clicks, allowing you to quickly extract data insights and make critical decisions in real time