Infosys helps you accelerate your transformation to a digital agile universe by reimagining your existing landscape to enable a future ready connected enterprise, leveraging Infosys Artificial Intelligence and Automation platform - Nia, cloud (IaaS and PaaS) and NextGen technology solutions such as IoT and Blockchain.

Our Design Thinking led cloud advisory will enable your organization to transform itself to an agile and connected enterprise.

The services include:

  • Consulting on reference architecture for the next gen enterprise
  • Mapping the organization onto the Digital Maturity model
  • Enabling the organization to rapidly embrace automation
  • Consulting services to enable organizations to leverage next gen technologies like blockchain, augmented reality, and virtual reality

Modernize existing landscape by migrating them onto new cloud platforms

Are you ready to modernize your IT?


Challenges & solutions

We help clients with reference architecture enablement for embracing the latest technologies. Our reference architecture assessment exercise helps clients to map their business to a reference architecture to the best in class in the industry. This includes mapping both the business processes and the technology capabilities to best in class industry peers and a path to obtain the desired level for the reference architecture.

We help customers evaluate themselves based on the Digital Maturity model. This is also a measure of any ongoing digitization initiatives for the organization. The Digital Maturity assessment helps the organization to assess where they stand in terms of the digital maturity curve as well.The Digital Maturity assessment framework helps rate the organizations with respect to their digital maturity and lays down the path to obtain the desired level of maturity.

Infosys helps customers define the journey to achieve automation in daily activities. The assessment will find opportunities to automate business processes including repetitive tasks. Infosys leverages its automation platform NIA for driving the automation needs of your enterprise. Automation capabilities will potentially result in savings for the organization that can help them invest in strategic initiatives.We helped deploy an end to end automation platform for one of our industrial manufacturing customers, thereby bringing in huge savings on a yearly basis through robotic process automation and machine learning based automation.

Infosys helps clients leverage the latest technologies to transform its business. These include opportunities to leverage the best in class and latest technologies that will help the organization scale to achieve differentiation in the market. The latest technologies in this space are artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality, and virtual reality.We are leveraging Blockchain to solve the service logistics visibility problem for a network equipment major in North America.