Infosys brings in lot of innovation, optimization, and automation to enhance information technology operations with extreme industrialization.

This NextGen AMS model with extreme offshoring helps you achieve faster time to market with minimal business disruption.

Looking to leverage our offerings around NextGen AMS models, automation platforms?

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Get better control of your information technology operation though extreme industrialization, automation, and artificial intelligence / machine learning.

The services include:

  • Assess, standardize and enhance information technology operations
  • Infosys Panaya offering to streamline and fast track upgrades
  • Automation platform deployment
  • Compliance and assurance offerings
  • NIA / AI platforms to deliver intelligent automation
  • Infosys ValuePlus suite offering for AMS services

Challenges & solutions

Application downtime is a dilemma your enterprise cannot afford. With the increasing complexity of information technology infrastructures, it’s a huge challenge for organizations to fix outages quickly. Application downtime drastically impacts business costs. Infosys takes this entirely out of your concerns.

Panaya drives automation in enterprise application testing. Panaya brings simplicity, quality and agility to all enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations including rollouts, new functionality updates, and software enhancements and upgrades.

It also helps business users create test scripts for business processes and, at the same time, generates full documentation of those processes, resulting in significant time and cost improvements over existing manual processes.

Infosys NIA / AI Platform services helps clients to carry out complex analysis of data within seconds by leveraging the robust NIA platform. The NIA platform has been deployed successfully for multiple clients globally to solve a myriad of business problems and more importantly to unlock the limitless opportunities by leveraging the Artificial Intelligence platform.

Non-compliance can lead to severe penalties these days especially with the regulatory authorities. Infosys has helped multiple customers globally with compliance related needs, be it implementing the international financial reporting standards (IFRS) guidelines or adhering to general data protection regulation (GDPR) standards in Europe.