In today’s world, there is a change in outlook to recognize employees as human “Capital” instead of Human “Resources”. HR needs to be more digital than manual, more proactive than reactive and more strategic than operational. The expectation is to be predictive & analytical and analyze the data behind the data. To be ready for the next-gen HR business partner, it is critical to identify key performance indicators and effectively measure them and assess vis-à-vis industry standards. Today, HR partners need to ask few strategic questions like:

  • Are we looking at the data beyond the HR reports and dashboard?
  • How am I doing vis-à-vis my peers & competition? How do I keep track of my performance compared with industry benchmark?
  • How do I quantify performance across various HR functions? How do I identify problem areas and measure actual improvement?

Infosys HR Scorecard is an analytics solution that provides quantitative and visual measures of performance indicators in the form of a SCORE CARD. The purpose of the solution is to enable the HR partners to monitor what matters most, so that they can focus on meeting strategic objectives.

HCM Scorecard to track HR Metrics & empower decision making


Infosys HCM Scorecard provides the following features:

  • Configurable, platform independent solution available on SaaS model
  • Choose HR Functions, Metrics and KPIs to align with business goals
  • Connects to all leading HCM applications
  • Mobile friendly user experience

Challenges & Solutions

The solution provides the ability to measure KPI and Metrics across business functions in form of SCORECARD

HR Pulse provides the capability to compare their performance against industry benchmarks / peers

HR Pulse is configurable, platform independent solution that can integrate with multiple HR applications and provide a unified view through a single UI