The 4th Industrial Revolution is here and with it comes groundbreaking and powerful technologies. Many of these technologies have the potential to change the way we work. Human Resources is one such area that is ready for intelligent automation within an organization.

Infosys has developed HR Chatbots that automates various manual, rule-based, and repetitive activities for various roles within HR. HR Bots is a configurable solution and can be easily expanded in future.

Redefine your enterprise employee experience.


Infosys HR Chatbots includes a Base module with 20 use cases pre-configured for Employee, Manager and HR Specialists. The solution can be extended for client specific use-cases. The HCM Configuration bots can be used to ease tedious and time-consuming processes such as mass-hiring, tracking candidate details, goal alignments. It can help ease any organization changes in case of reorganizations and Divestitures.


Challenges & Solutions

Self Service Voice and Chat based chat conversation to address employee’s query

Quick and easy access to information and embedded Analytics to assist managers in making right decisions

Product agnostic & Real-time one-stop approval inbox to review and approve/reject workflows