The next industrial revolution is upon us, bringing in a new wave of smart factories and connected manufacturers. Industry 4.0 is the name for the current trend which is a combination of automation, IOT and cyber-physical systems in manufacturing which together create a smart factory. These manufactures across the globe are connecting their machine to the cloud and evolving their own Industrial Internet of Things. In such an environment, intelligent Supply Chain Management opens up a Pandora’s Box of untapped potential which promises enormous scalability and exponential growth for their business.

In such an environment, Infosys accelerate your business transformation journey with Infosys Oracle Industrial Manufacturing solution which is an intelligent ERP solution with a powerful combination of comprehensive cloud business applications and technology including key functionalities designed specifically for industrial manufacturers of durable goods, heavy equipment and Industrial products.

Why partner with Infosys in your transformation journey?

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Business Excellence

  • End to end  Mobile and Social enabled Business Processes based on Industry recognized SCOR/APQC models each with embedded BI Dashboards and reports (150+ OTBI KPI Catalog)
  • 2000+ Requirement Listing based on Best practices and Industry requirements
  • 5+ PaaS Solutions
  • 3000+ Test Case Bed
  • Business Case templates

Project Accelerators

  • Roadmap Assessment SOAR+
  • Proven and efficient ACT Cloud Implementation Methodology
  • Boot Camp Accelerators
  • Fit Gap Modeling based on latest R13 Cloud release
  • Configuration Models
  • PaaS Plug Ins
  • Integration Stubs with Contract Manufacturers, MES
  • Conversion Toolkits
  • Bots leveraging RPA

Future Proofing PoVs

  • Smart Factory
  • IOT Cloud
  • Blockchain
  • AI/ML enabled business processes

Challenges & Solutions

  • Plan - Distributor forecast integration, Planning BOM, Planning Dashboards, Planning by Exception
  • Source – B2B Integration, Landed Cost Management, B2B Fulfillment, Cart based Procurement
  • Make - MES Integration, Job Scheduling Workbench, Contract manufacturing model, OSP Operations

CX and Deliver:

  • “Differentiated” Sales Methodology
  • Virtual Sales Assistant
  • Customer 360
  • CPQ Integration
  • Blanket Sales Agreement
  • Order Orchestration
  • Rebates
  • Automated Order Validations


  • Optimized Working Capital
  • Cockpit Month End View
  • Operational Profitability
  • Revenue Recognition Engine