“Role of Quality Engineering in digital transformation”: A conversation with IDC

Niranjan Srinivasan, Service Offering Head, Infosys Quality Engineering recently had a conversation with Peter Marston, Research Director, IDC on the digital transformation journey organizations are going through and the role of Quality Engineering in that journey.

Video 1 – Role of Quality Engineering organization in delivering cloud validation solutions

Organizations across industries are riding a massive digital transformation wave. In this video, Niranjan talks about the rapid increase in cloud adoption across organizations and how it has become an important part of the digital transformation journey.

Pete elucidates the trends IDC is seeing in the area of cloud adoption specifically highlighting:

  • Growth of cloud
  • Benefits of using platforms like Infosys Cobalt
  • Expansion of role of quality engineer

Video 2 – Use of AI and validation of AI systems by a Quality Engineering organization

One of the biggest trends in market right now is scaling of AI. In this video, Niranjan talks about how enterprises are looking to identify business processes where they can leverage AI.

Analysts at IDC have also seen the growth of AI in the past few years and how it has scaled across quality assurance space. During this conversation, Pete provides his perspective on:

  • Use of AI/ML in quality assurance space
  • Role of AI/ML in helping organizations be smarter
  • Involvement of AI/ML in other aspects of application lifecycle apart from testing

Video 3 – Workplace transformation and Quality Engineering

An important aspect of digital transformation is workforce transformation. In this video, Niranjan talks about the increasing demand for multi-faceted professionals by organizations and the changing expectations from quality engineering teams.

Many organizations undergoing transformation face challenges due to the project centric mindset of getting an application built and then moving on to the next one in a waterfall model. Pete shares his thoughts and emphasizes on:

  • Need of product centric mindset
  • Change in the skillset requirement of quality assurance people
  • Intertwining of teams leading to change in role of testers