The client is an American multinational power management company that provides energy efficient products and services to its customers.


Key Challenges

End-to-end automation of IoT technology stack


Dependency on availability of physical devices and humans to test the devices’ human-machine interface operations such as a button press


Securing end-to-end test coverage for all possible events and errors


Need for huge amounts of test data

The Impact


test automation coverage by creating keyword function in Robot Framework for smart light controller validations


The Solution

End-to-End Test Automation Solution for IoT

50% reduction in test execution cycle time by using Jenkins for parallel execution of test automation scripts

Looking for a breakthrough solution?


The solution is a set of pre-built keyword functions that automates the testing of end-to-end IoT workflows involving the multilayered IoT architecture with technologies varying from device end to middleware to application layer. Built using Python scripting and open source libraries, plug and play features have been developed to monitor wireless networks such as Wi-Fi, remote monitoring app for viewing the IoT device, HMI (human-machine interface) status, and automation of voice commands for initiating device operation commands using voice assistants like Amazon Alexa.

Key highlights of the solution

  • 80+ ready to use keywords cutting across IoT controller devices, wireless network, APIs, and applications
  • Open source libraries-based framework with ability to add new keywords
  • Customizable HTML and XML reporting with plug-ins for TestNG and JIRA

Innovation in Automation for Connected Devices Ecosystem

  • Test automation of remote operations using user channels – web, mobile, and voice
  • Plug and play of short-range wireless network monitoring tools for BLE, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi
  • Simple plug-in with Jenkins for CI/CD integration
  • Automated validation of hardwired IoT controller devices
  • Automated validation of IoT application protocols – MQTT, REST
  • Customizable HTML and XML reporting with plug-ins for TestNG and JIRA

The solution provided clients with real time data about the usage of connected products, like device status which helped them take preventive measures and plan events like optimizing power usage, sending alerts to customers, etc.

This helped customers reduce operating costs, decrease power consumption, and minimize downtime.

End-to-end test automation was done for:

  • smart lighting controller
  • smart lighting controller web app
  • mobile app for smart lighting solutions
  • backend cloud-based IoT platform for device tracking

Technology Stack: RESTful web services, AngularJS, WebSocket APIs Tools: Robot Framework, Appium, Selenium

Testing IoT Applications – A Perspective


Testing IoT Applications – A Perspective

Infosys has developed a comprehensive QA strategy to handle the unique requirements and challenges associated with validating IoT applications.

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