Infosys Generative AI Testing, part of Infosys Topaz, is a cutting-edge platform designed to help businesses accelerate software testing by deploying responsible generative AI technologies. The platform focuses on creating custom solutions using Prompt engineering and specific training for Large Language Models (LLMs) to address quality engineering challenges. Built on a connected ecosystem, it enables collaboration with stakeholders and, with an advanced toolkit, streamlines and enhances the entire testing process.

Interested in using Generative AI to transform testing?


Adopt Infosys Generative AI Testing, a cutting-edge platform with pre-configured prompts to enhance productivity and improve testing efficiency. Here is how Infosys Generative AI Testing Platform helps enterprises:

  • Seamless integration of existing software testing tools with open-source foundation models empowers businesses to differentiate themselves for competitive advantage by leveraging a wide range of use cases
  • An AI-first approach to software testing ensures that large language models (LLMs) are fine-tuned and trained on domain-specific data to address specific quality challenges

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Generative AI Testing in conjunction with our knowledge and expertise helps businesses transition to an AI-first core by developing prompts and training large language learning models to meet the specific testing requirements of different industries. Our teams augment the capabilities of Infosys Topaz and Infosys IP tools to create an ethical, trustworthy, and responsible design.

The platform leverages a curated set of ready-made use cases that cover the entire spectrum of quality engineering (QE). This ensures that the platform can be used to test a wide variety of software applications, regardless of their size or complexity. The use cases are handpicked by experts with extensive knowledge of QE to ensure accurate and efficient detection of bugs and defects.

The platform uses generative AI to create new test cases based on existing use cases. This ensures that it can keep up with the ever-changing landscape of software development. As a result, Infosys Generative AI Testing can help improve the accuracy, speed, and agility while reducing the technical debt of software testing. This results in the creation of high-quality code with 100% test coverage.

Infosys has a repository of over one million test cases that are used by our experts to train LLMs on domain-specific knowledge.