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Agile collocation offers the best of both worlds in testing

An Agile testing methodology is a business imperative, but is constrained by high costs, reliance on on-site testers, the efficacy of communication channels, and management of multiple vendors. In an article published in Testing Experience magazine, Infosys experts propose 'Agile collocation' that integrates the global delivery model (GDM) with Agile processes. The approach enables accelerated, efficient, and cost-effective testing across the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Infosys implemented the Agile collocation model in a live testing environment to realize significant benefits for clients:

  • Cost advantages – The high degree of offshoring reduces cost and provides access to a large pool of domain experts
  • Effort optimization – Effective channels of communication and direct ownership of defects / issues ensure prompt resolution of issues
  • Innovative extension – The coordinated offshore center reduces time to market and the total cost of ownership
  • Delivery excellence – The involvement of key stakeholders and test-driven development and delivery management ensures excellence in delivery
  • Project success – A clear vision, continuous communication, and development of testing competencies facilitate smooth operations and help meet program commitments

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The article first appeared in the September 2009 issue of Testing Experience magazine.

Uday Ghare

Uday Ghare Group Test Manager, Infosys

Uday has more than 13 years of IT experience in telecom and media. He can be reached at

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