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A proven test strategy for data warehouses

Test accelerators and automated processes offer a cost-effective and viable alternative to test heterogeneous and voluminous data in a data warehouse. In an interview with SearchSoftwareQuality.com, an Infosys expert sets the context for his presentation at STAREAST 2011. At the conference, he addressed the challenges in data warehouse testing and reporting.

Infosys Clearware, a tool-based data warehouse testing solution, automates data warehouse test processes. It prevents data anomalies by detecting defects early in the testing life cycle. Extensive reuse of test components reduces time to market and simplifies test management.

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Published with permission of SearchSoftwareQuality.com


Vasudeva Naidu

Vasudeva Naidu, Practice Engagement Manager, Independent Validation and Testing Services, Infosys

Vasudeva has more than 13 years of experience in defining and implementing testing improvement programs and Testing Centers of Excellence. He is responsible for sales and customer relationship management at insurance and healthcare companies. He can be reached at

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