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Testing efficiency begins and ends with domain expertise

QA managers can deliver zero-defect applications by bridging the gap between business users and IT teams. In an article published in the Testing Experience magazine, Infosys experts use real-life examples to make a business case for domain competency in testing.

Domain specialization helps testing teams:

  • Prioritize requirements based on business needs
  • Evaluate the impact of unresolved defects
  • Develop industry-specific reusable assets to accelerate time to market and reduce costs
  • Create test scenarios to de-risk new implementations
  • Ensure scalability and enhance coverage to comply with regulation and meet timelines

Published with permission of Testing Experience magazine


Rajneesh Malviya

Rajneesh Malviya, Senior Delivery Manager, Infosys Validation Solutions, Infosys

Rajneesh is responsible for the delivery of testing services to Banking and Financial Services companies. He can be reached at

Shishank Gupta

Shishank Gupta, Client Solutions Head, Retail, CPG, Logistics and Life Sciences, Infosys

Shishank is responsible for testing projects at Retail, CPG, Logistics and Life Sciences companies. He helped establish the Infosys IVS Academy. He can be reached at

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