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Importance of early life cycle validation

Early life cycle validation helps detect defects during the requirement and design phase of information technology programs, hence reducing testing effort and defect fixes later in the cycle.

In an article published at batimes.com, an Infosys process and domain consultant highlights the advantages that early life cycle validation brings to programs. The article explains how a focused process change management and communication campaign helps in successful adoption of such initiatives. Benefits of this approach include improvements in productivity, granularity, coverage, and traceability of business requirements.


Published with permission of batimes.com


Indranil Puzari

Indranil Puzari, Senior Consultant, Independent Validation and Testing Services, Infosys

Indranil works with Infosys process and domain consulting stream, and his expertise is aligned to the company's Financial Services and Insurance vertical. He has over five years of experience in working closely with business and technology stakeholders to deliver complex technology requirements. He has worked with diverse clients in different work environments like Dubai, Singapore, India, and Australia. Indranil can be reached at

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