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Maximizing user experience of mobile applications through effective network performance QA

Network performance is an essential factor for testing mobile applications. There are ways to simulate factors like bandwidth constraints, delays and packet loss, in a controlled lab environment. But it’s not the same as testing mobile applications in real-world network conditions. Find out why.

While real-time testing can uncover key issues, a complete coverage on all available network scenarios / geographical conditions is not guaranteed. This article talks about an effective network variability test methodology in the lab, which involves capturing real-time network parameters and applying the 4E framework to create real-world test scenarios with optimal coverage.


Published with permission of Testing Experience magazine

Authors Kiran Marri

Kiran Marri, Delivery Manager, Infosys Validation services and Testing Services, Infosys

Kiran has more than 16 years of experience in project management, client relations and software development. He has published and presented several papers at conferences in the field of project management, software testing, clinical data management and biomedical engineering. He has also conducted workshops and tutorials on creativity, thought leadership, risk management, test management and defect prediction methods. His current research interest and publications are primarily in specialized testing, test maturity practices and innovation strategies.

Kiran Marri can be contacted at

Sundaresa Subramanian G

Sundaresa Subramanian G., Senior Project Manager, Infosys Validation services and Testing Services, Infosys

Sundaresa is experienced in testing software and embedded systems, and research and development of digital signal processor-based embedded applications. He has authored and presented papers at national and international conferences on the topics of risk identification, data warehouse test strategizing, mobile QA, specialized QA services and project management.

He can be reached at