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Maximize ROI through effective selection of an SOA testing tool

A wide array of 'SOA testing tools' are available in the market today to effectively test applications built on service-oriented architecture (SOA) concepts.

In an article published on SearchSOA.com, an Infosys quality assurance (QA) expert highlights the important parameters that you should consider while selecting a SOA testing tool for your testing organization, so as to maximize the return on investment (ROI).

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Aravind Parameswaran

Aravind Parameswaran, Senior Project Manager, Independent Validation and Testing Services, Infosys Limited

Aravind has more than 12 years of experience in software development and testing, and is a service lead for SOA testing for the Infosys Retail, CPG, Logistics, and Life Sciences industry group. He has delivered projects ranging from desktop application development to large SOA implementations in varied roles of developer, tester, and project manager. He can be reached at

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