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A service virtualization approach to agile SOA testing

Service virtualization emulates the behavior of services in a virtual environment to address the challenges of service-oriented architecture testing. Significantly, it accelerates testing and development when supported by a robust implementation methodology, says an Infosys expert.

In an article published in Testing Experience magazine, our expert discusses the potential of service virtualization in SOA testing:

  • Interoperability: Interoperable services in the production environment and interoperability of development teams during implementation facilitate parallel development and testing of projects.
  • Integration: Third-party or partner services that face issues impacting the test data setup or development time can be released for testing promptly.
  • Resource optimization: Sophisticated tools that emulate the behavior of scarce and expensive SOA components such as mainframes, services and database systems help optimize resource utilization.

Published with permission of Testing Experience magazine


Gaurish Hattangadi

Gaurish Hattangadi, Consultant, Infosys

Gaurish's focus areas include SOA testing and enterprise architecture. He can be reached at

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