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Enterprise 2.0 Demands Innovative Testing Approaches

Testing teams can meet the requirements of social enterprise computing with existing test methodologies and tools when they understand the subtle differences between traditional and new technologies. In an article published at StickyMinds.com, Infosys expert proposes test strategies to address risks related to security, reliability, and uncontrolled flow of information at Web 2.0-enabled enterprises.

Social enterprises can provide an intuitive user experience and profit from collective intelligence when the testing function:

  • Complies with regulation to prevent dissemination of sensitive data
  • Ensures cross-platform compatibility across mobile and wireless computing devices
  • Captures rendering time on rich application interfaces in addition to server response times
  • Validates cross-application integration and usage in the context of modular components and architectures


Published with permission of StickyMinds.com


Parag Shetye

Parag Shetye, Technology Architect, Infosys

Parag has more than 10 years of experience in IT testing, spanning strategic solutions, consulting, program management, and delivery. He can be reached at

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